Peter Machinis

Peter Machinis Shares His Go-To Travel Guide

If you’re ready to travel the world, prepare for your journey using Peter Machinis’ expert travel guide. 

Whether you want to hit all the tourist photo ops or venture off deeper into the local territory, you’ll need to prepare for your trip adequately. Some people have their heart set on a specific destination, while others prefer to travel by chance and see where the wind takes them. Although every country is different, Peter Machinis, an experienced traveler, always turns to his go-to traveling guide. 


The first thing to consider is your budget. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive, even though it has a reputation to break the piggy bank. According to Peter Machinis, it’s possible to live cheaply in any city, often bringing you closer to the locals and customs that you’re traveling to experience in the first place. The most substantial cost tends to be the flight, so Peter Machinis recommends keeping your eyes on booking websites to get the best deals. 


Generally, the most popular cities are also the most expensive, but it’s possible to find cheap accommodations in or right outside of the area you’re exploring. Peter Machinis explains that sometimes, two relatively close cities both offer amazing views and cuisine, with one being significantly more affordable than the other. Take a look at places outside of your dream destination to avoid tourist traps. 


If you’re wondering how long to stay, Peter Machinis recommends first subtracting the price of your flight from your overall budget. Next, you’ll want to figure out the cost of each day spent at your destination from lodging, to food, to activities. According to Peter Machinis, it’s possible to get by on only $50 per day. However, you would have to stay in a hostel and be very strict about dining. Be realistic and prioritize your needs, wants, and goals for the trip.


What many people don’t realize is that the season in which they travel also affects the price. For example, if you travel to Europe in August, it will be more expensive than if you went in Spring or Fall. Peter Machinis explains that Europeans go on vacations in August, which in turn drives the prices up. 


Summer is the peak season for travel to Europe, which means large crowds and long waits. However, to avoid this issue, Peter Machinis suggest traveling during the “shoulder season”, which is the time right before or right after peak season. You can still enjoy the beautiful weather while getting the most bang for your buck. 


Theft is a big issue for tourists who are traveling to other countries. Peter Machinis explains that tourists are often easy targets for criminals because they are less aware of their surroundings. Instead, tourists are focused on enjoying the sights and sounds of a new city. Peter Machinis suggests protecting yourself by keeping valuables in different places. Scatter your money and identification cards between bags and purses, and always keep them towards the front of your body where you can see them. These simple tips by Peter Machinis will help you prepare for your trip and make the most of your budget.