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Peter Machinis

Peter Machinis Explains the Joys of Philanthropy

In order to help people survive in an increasingly chaotic world, philanthropists likevPeter Machinis work hard to give back. Chicago, IL/ iCrowdnewswire/ March 17, 2020/ There is an innumerably large group of people who are in need across the world, for various reasons. One way that this can be accomplished is through philanthropic acts from people […]

Peter Machinis

Aromatherapy Enthusiast Peter Machinis Explains How Reactions Between Essential Oils and the Brain Can Prevent Anxiety

Aromatherapy enthusiast Peter Machinis discusses how certain natural scents can be used to reduce stress and improve mood. Recent research shows that aromatherapy can be used to alter behavior and certain brain waves. The scents of certain essential oils have been shown to increase contentment and decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Aromatherapy enthusiasts like Peter Machinis explain […]